Vinyl Top Upholstery Custom Fabrication and Replacement

Over the years, Southtown Upholstery has installed and repaired hundred if not thousands of vinyl tops. Why replace your vinyl top?  Our expert upholsterers can return your vintage or late model car to its original glory.  We can also replace padding to help give it that brand new feel.   As your vinyl top ages, it looses its elasticity, leaving your car with a brittle dry top that will break and peel. At this point, water will seep into exposed areas and rust out the roof.  Replacement of a vinyl top in this condition is essential.  If you wait too long your car’s roof can become damaged beyond repair.

Don’t have an older or vintage automobile? We upholster new cars too! Many of these high end cars are roofed by “Carriage Tops” (Simulated Convertible Tops). We also specialize in the complete restoration of these vehicles.


Most Cars $275 – 450
If the car has mouldings which bolt down or french seams around the window, the price will be higher.

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